Earlier this month, B.C will no longer be able to enforce bylaws that restrict or prohibit rentals.

📌Age restricted properties will no longer be enforceable with the exception for 55+ age restricted properties.

📌Bylaws that permit short term accommodations through platforms such as Airbnb and VRBO are still enforceable and in full effect.

📌All strata townhouses and apartments are now rentable, anywhere in BC.

📌 Age restrictions, other than 55+ are now void. 19+, 45+ are done. This will increase available places for families but I do not expect to see a price drop in rents . 55+ strata are also going to be rentable!

➡️ Strata Changes to Note:
B.C. Government Announcement: https://bit.ly/3EVXlRi
Changes: https://bit.ly/3iwguSl